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Zeus Juice was founded in 2011 by Paul Curtis in his Birmingham, England kitchen.  Originally a bookmaker, Paul’s journey into the e-liquid industry was catalysed when his wife Sam faced a cancer diagnosis, prompting him to quit smoking. Dissatisfied with the available options at the time and the lack of strong flavours and all-day vapes, Paul decided to create his own. In pursuit of perfection, Paul designed and developed premium quality e-liquids and word rapidly spread and in 2014, to meet increasing demand, Paul bought manufacturing equipment, moved into a dedicated facility, and registered the business, Zeus Juice UK Ltd; a name inspired by his fascination with Greek mythology. 

Zeus Juice Expands to the UAE: Offering a Unique Premium Blend of Flavors Crafted Specially for the Region

Fast forward to 2023 and following huge success in the UK, Zeus Juice successfully launched in the UAE.  With the lift of the ban that was put on e-cigarettes in the region,  Zeus Juice saw an opportunity to bring their quality e-liquids to the Middle East in the form of 30ml nicotine salts, 50ml freebase and disposables, to help even more people quit smoking.  Designed and created in the heart of the UK, Zeus Juice offers a powerful alternative for smokers to make better health choices, using quality ingredients, blending innovative flavours and presented with the essence of Greek Mythology in every bottle. 

Adonis Wins Global Acclaim: Crowned Best Fruit Flavor

With its iconic flavours and revered quality, Zeus is now globally recognised as an industry leader.  They placed first for the Best Nic Salts in the EcigClick Awards 2023, and took home a second place award for Zeus, its number one immortal flavour that captures blackcurrant laced with a wisp of menthol and sweet,  delicately spiced aniseed. Also coming second was the divine Hera, awarded in the Best Dessert flavour category celebrated for its juicy, sweet summer strawberries, combined with devilishly smooth, freshly whipped cream.

As well as this, Zeus Juice was awarded first place for Best Fruit, with Adonis taking the crown. An ever-favourite choice, Adonis also won first place in the World Vape Show in Dubai, arguably making this the best fruit flavour in the world with its fresh raspberries and strawberries blended to create a heavenly taste of summer and capturing the complex and quality flavours of Zeus Juice perfectly. Why not try this award-winning flavour in the form of a 30ml nic salt, 50ml freebase or their 5000 puff disposables and see what all the hype is about! 

Cactus Distribution - Premium Vape Wholesale UAE

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