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Experience the seamless satisfaction of Alt. Nu disposable vapes, thoughtfully designed for on-the-go lifestyles.

Alt Nu disposable vapes, equipped with the advanced FEELM Max ceramic coil, provide a superior vaping experience with smooth vapor production. Perfect for both beginners and experienced vapers, Alt. Nu vapes are puff-activated and ready to use right out of the box. explore the premium range of Alt. disposable vapes and embrace the simplicity of vaping.

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Blackberry Mint

Blackberry mint vape flavour by Alt Nu
Brace yourself for a tantalising journey with Blackberry Mint, where luscious blackberries are enshrouded in a glacial embrace. The sweet and tangy blackberry notes blend seamlessly with a refreshing blast of icy mint, creating a deliciously satisfying vaping experience.


Grape Vape Flavour by Alt NU
Indulge in Grape’s rich and complex taste, where luscious grapes’ bold and juicy essence takes centre stage. Each inhale fills your senses with the irresistible sweetness and authentic grape flavour reminiscent of freshly harvested grapes from the vineyard.

Kiwifruit Strawberry

Kiwifruit strawberry vape flavour by Alt Nu
Delight in this tantalising flavour’s harmonious blend of tropical kiwifruit and succulent strawberry. The bright and tangy notes of ripe kiwifruit perfectly complement the sweet juiciness of sun-ripened strawberries, creating a refreshing and irresistible vape experience.

Menthol Mint

Menthol Vape Flavour
Experience a chilling blast of minty coolness with alt. Nu Menthol Mint. This exhilarating blend combines the refreshing essence of mint leaves with an icy undertone, creating a delicious taste sensation. Each inhale delivers a burst of cool mint that tingles on your tongue.

Peach Mint

Peach Vape Flavour
Succumb to the allure of Peach Mint, where the sweet and velvety essence of ripe peaches collides with an icy arctic breeze. The luscious and juicy peach flavours are enhanced by a refreshing blast of mint for a mouthwateringly full flavour.

Pineapple Mint

pineapple vape flavor by Alt NU
Experience a tropical journey with Pineapple Mint, where the golden sweetness of ripe pineapples meets the chilling touch of menthol. The tangy and juicy pineapple flavours intertwine with the coolness of menthol, creating a sure-to-be favourite flavour that transports you to a sun-drenched paradise.

Strawberry Mint

strawberry vape flavour by Alt Nu
The sweetness of strawberries intertwines with an icy touch of mint, creating a unique vaping experience. Strawberry Mint is a flavourful journey that blends a burst of ripe strawberries with a crisp, minty breeze. Each puff is like a harmonious balance between sweet juices and cool mint leaves. Experience the taste of Summer all year round.

Strawberry Watermelon

strawberry watermelon vape flavour by alt nu
Immerse yourself in the succulent fusion of Strawberry Watermelon. The ripe, juicy sweetness of strawberries intertwines with the refreshing crispness of watermelon, resulting in a mouthwatering blend of fruity flavours. Enjoy the delightful combination of these two beloved fruits!

Sweet Mango

Mango Vape Flavour by Alt Nu
Experience the tropical paradise of Sweet Mango, where the sun-ripened sweetness of succulent mangoes transports you to a blissful getaway. Each puff immerses you in the rich and luscious flavours of ripe mangoes, delivering a genuinely exotic vaping experience.

Sweet Tobacco

Tobacco Vape Flavour by Alt Nu
Indulge in the classic elegance of Sweet Tobacco, a flavour that embodies the essence of traditional tobacco leaves. It offers a smooth and refined taste, with distinct notes of toasted caramel and a subtle hint of sweetness. Whether you’re a tobacco enthusiast or seeking a taste of nostalgia, Sweet Tobacco provides a sophisticated and timeless flavour.
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