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Summit Series by yeti in UAE

The summit series by yeti is a pinnacle. The highest reaches of what is possible.

Yeti Summit Series brings you 15 of the most intense and exhilarating flavors the Yeti has ever produced. these flavors are designed to satisfy even the most adventurous palate. Dive into this extraordinary collection and experience the pinnacle of flavor innovation.

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Cherry Ice

Cherry ice vape flavour by yeti
Experience arctic freshness with ‘Cherry Ice’ from Yeti’s Summit Series. Dive into a frozen tundra of sun-ripened cherries and crisp menthol. This icy blend doubles down on flavour to deliver the ultimate polar paradise!

Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Ice

Strawberry cherry raspberry ice vape flavour by yeti
Join the Yeti’s quest for flavour dominance and explore lush landscapes of ripe strawberries, sun-kissed cherries, and tart raspberries, enveloped in an icy menthol chill. This double-layered flavour sensation takes you all the way to the peak!

Sour Grape Ice

Grape ice vape flavour by yeti
Explore a frosty adventure with ‘Sour Grape Ice’ from Yeti’s Summit Series. Delight in the tangy punch of sour grapes, chilled to perfection with an icy menthol blast. This frozen fusion of flavour and chill is Yeti’s boldest creation yet.

Strawberry Lemon Ice

Strawberry Lemon Ice Vape flavour by Yeti
Set off on a frost-filled journey with ‘Strawberry Lemon Ice’ from Summit Series. This frozen medley of sweet strawberry and zesty lemon is the Yeti’s most chilling sensation to date.

Apricot Watermelon Ice

Apricot Watermelon Ice
Revel in the succulent sweetness of ripe apricot and thirst-quenching watermelon, kissed by an arctic breeze. Apricot Watermelon Ice’ from Summit Series is a frozen combo of fruity bliss packed full of flavour.

Banana Ice

Banana Ice Vape Flavour by Yeti
Explore the creamy cavern of ripe banana, enhanced with a frosted blast of menthol. ‘Banana Ice’ from Summit Series is a frozen concoction that blends tropical indulgence with glacial chill, offering a refreshing twist on a classic flavour.

Watermelon Ice

Watermelon Ice vape flavour by Yeti
Frosty bursts of wandering watermelon, electrified by a chilling surge of menthol. ‘Watermelon Ice’ from Summit Series delivers a frozen frenzy of flavour that refreshes your senses with every puff.

Mango Ice

Mango Vape Flavour by Yeti
‘Mango Ice’ from Summit Series – where teasing tropics meet arctic allure. Ripe mangoes dance on your palate, accompanied by a bracing rush of menthol that sends shivers down your spine.

Orange Mango Ice

Orange Mango Ice Vape Flavour by Yeti
Discover the vibrant depths of ‘Orange Mango Ice’ from Summit Series, where tropical waves meet arctic currents. Mouth-watering mangoes and over the top orange mingle in a symphony of flavour, while a crisp menthol breeze sweeps over the taste buds.

Passionfruit Lychee Ice

Passion Fruit Lychee Ice
‘Passionfruit Lychee Ice’ from Summit Series – where exotic treasures await beneath the snow. Perfect passionfruit and luscious lychee intertwine, while a chilling storm of menthol invigorates the mind and soul.

Blueberry Peach Ice

Blueberry Peach Ice Vape Flavour by Yeti
Tackle any ascent with ‘Blueberry Peach Ice’ from Summit Series, where snow-capped peaks meet orchard valleys. Bursting blueberries and pampered peaches blend, evoking the thrill of mountain exploration

Sour Raspberry Watermelon Ice

Sour Raspberyy Watermelon Ice
Sour Raspberry Watermelon Ice’ from Summit Series is the perfect companion for those seeking a thrilling adventure on the sour side. Raspberry meets watermelon before a final dash of ice-cool menthol elevates you to the Summit.

Honeydew Blackcurrant Ice

Honeydew Blackcurrant Ice vape flavour by yeti
Traverse the icy depths where sweet honeydew and bold blackcurrant collide, to create a flamboyant fusion. Each inhale takes you on a chilly expedition, leaving behind trails of refreshment.

Pineapple Ice

Pineapple Ice vape flavour by yeti
Chill out with ‘Pineapple Ice’ from Summit Series. Punchy pineapple meets a frosty blast for a refreshing twist. Each inhale delivers the essence of polar paradise, infused with tasty tropics.

Blue Raspberry Ice

Blue Raspberry Ice Vape Flavour by Yeti
Ascend to all-new heights with the legendary and iconic ‘Blue Raspberry Ice’ from Summit Series. An unbeatable combination of breathtaking blue raspberry, perfectly chilled with double the arctic breeze.
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