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Global. Connected. Transformative.


We do business differently, focusing on creating innovative and collaboratively effective solutions for clients.

Cactus was founded in 2016 with the aim of providing better products to the UAE and regional markets, rooted in the stern belief that trade affects more than just business, but also communities. It is one of the many ways we connect with the world, share experiences a step closer to finding excellence in our offerings and achieving the goals we set out.

Our work focuses on the Vape, Shisha Molasses and Coffee industries as they share a significant potential for growth, whilst also creating new and innovative products that reserve our ecosystems and provide more variation.


We foster and grow our relationships by maintaining policies of transparency and cooperation throughout our entire operations.


Aligning our actions with out beliefs, and working above par to ensure the conduct of ethical business along the value chain.


Delivering high quality products and services through a core system of expertise, accountability, and commitment to excellence.

A transformative approach to trade in the UAE.

We provide a comprehensive support network for our clients and partners, enabling them to enter and excel in the UAE’s various industries through our comprehensive consulting services. Our approach is deeply rooted in the stern belief that human connections are the driving force of all organisations. Therefore, we put integrity, transparency and professionalism at the core of everything we do, aiming to foster a larger change in the status quo.


Leading a new era

of innovative distribution and redefining the strategic approaches of our partners in the region.

We aim to achieve our goals through building a world wide network of industry professionals to support other businesses in their ventures, relying on transparency, integrity and professionalism to maintain standards above par. Businesses are better able to innovate and create sustainable products and services with wider impacts when working collaboratively with others across the globe with a meaningful purpose.


Create improved commercial models for clients and partners to advance their businesses.

Along with our passion for innovative and premium vape products, we also recognise an opportunity to step away from a transactional approach in our business and instead, focus on building long-term relationships with inspiring businesses from all around the world. We focus on empowering businesses to take bigger risks, grow and find a stable and reliable support network on a global scale.


A business of any sorts is only viable through a long chain of suppliers who work tirelessly to provide us with the support needed to succeed. As such, we are committed to improving our communities’ quality of life through social, economical and environmental initiatives.

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Cactus Distribution - Premium Vape Wholesale UAE

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