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A fusion of exotic flavours and rich smoke aromas.

Moments of Ecstasy, best shisha flavour in UAE

A blend of premium Virigina Tobacco and Asian Cocktail inspired fruit flavours creating an aromatic cloud of excitement.

A strong brand of extreme flavors designed to awaken your sensations and transport you to a world of Asian party! Moments of Ecstasy boasts a beautiful range of flavors inspired by Asian cocktails, perfect for shisha enthusiasts. Available in UAE , Moments of Ecstasy offers a unique blend of premium virginia tobacco sensations, inviting you to savor flavors that are truly novel in the shisha market.”
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Blue Dynamite

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The delicate mix of green garden fruits has been enhanced with the tropical aroma of sweet and sour carambola fruit. Gentle jungle fruits of Southeast Asia offer a cooling pleasure with tropical, delicate, and refreshing flavours.

Green Dynamite

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When the diverse citrus aromas of the subtropics merge, paradisiacal palm beaches beckon. The sweet orange and the zesty lemon, the gently tart grapefruit, the aromatic tangerine, and the spicy-sour lime ensure an intensive, revitalizing session. Unusual, exciting, revitalizing.

Orange Dynamite

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The successful mixture of cherries, berries and grapes easily creates a soothing atmosphere. the red blend caresses all the senses and lets everyday life fade away. Sensual, gentle, soothing.

Red Dynamite

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Evolves on the taste buds with this assortment of heavenly flavours. Wonderfully soft, with a long-lasting sweetness, the oriental white-dynamite mixture lets the senses revolve. Finely rounded off with a creamy vanilla note making the experience complex, noble and oriental.

Red Ecstasy

Frame 18
Here the cool touch of nordic blue forest fruits meets the Mediterranean flair of sugar-sweet raspberries. An elegant light minty note, hits fresh, sweet, and exciting.

White Dynamite

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Like everyone’s favourite fruity ciders in summer, sweet and sour combine perfectly in this delicious apple and pear 50/50 e-liquid blend, with a refreshing cooling effect on every inhale leaving you all a-tingle. Premium quality e-liquid.

Yellow Dynamite

Frame 20
An intense cloud of extraordinary aromas, the balanced character of the yellow blend opens up. A wild dance of fresh scents and velvety tastes follows which escalates to colorful exoticism. Haunting, exotic, and invigorating.
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