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Hailing from New Zealand and long-ranked as one of the top vape brands in Australasia, alt. has become synonymous with sleek design and satisfying hits.

Since 2018, alt. have prided themselves on being the definitive alternative to smoking and low-quality e-cigarettes. Working closely with consumers to identify ways to overcome some of the difficulties with existing vaping products, alt.’s mission from the outset has been to design products that change the lives of smokers worldwide.

Through local and international research, alt. has designed alt. Nu disposable vapes –  a range of single-use devices that are discrete, simple to use and provide satisfaction similar to a cigarette. Perhaps most importantly, they are from a reputable New Zealand company, not manufactured by a big tobacco company.

Explore alt. Nu Vape Devices

Micro technology meets macro innovation with alt. Nu devices combining world-leading coil innovation, a variety of intense flavours, ergonomic design, and a high puff count.

A breath of fresh vapour.

alt. Nu disposables use the patented technology FEELM Max to provide a flavour-enhanced vaping experience. FEELM Max features superior leak resistance and battery optimisation. The device does not contain a cotton pad like other disposables, allowing for increased coil integrity and maximum e-liquid utilisation thanks to the ceramic coil.

The coil resistance is optimised to maximise battery longevity for a charge that lasts all day.

Intense flavour. Silky vapour.

Each hit of alt. Nu is a deliciously intense experience with silky smooth vapour and premium puffs of pure flavour. With an extensive flavour range, there’s something for all tastes and preferences.

Discover a nu alt.ernative to your average disposable vape!

alt. Nu 3mL
1500 Puffs
alt. Nu 3mL 1500 Puffs
Puffs: 1500
E-liquid: 3mL
Coil: FEELM Max ceramic coil
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Size: 118x16mm
Weight: 32g

alt. Nu is made to be on the go with you. It is encased in a stainless steel cylindrical design, with 3mL of nicotine salt e-liquid and 1500 premium puffs of pure flavour.

A small but mighty internal 650mAh battery ensures extended vaping sessions for satisfying hits when you want them.

Discover alt. Nu Vape Flavours

Find your new favourite with alt. Nu’s extensive range of vape flavours that provide intensely delicious puffs and smooth throat hits of silky vapour.

alt. Nu disposable vape flavours are filled with high-quality nicotine salt e-liquid. alt. Nu offers diverse juicy options, ensuring a vape juice flavour for all preferences. disposable vape

alt. Nu vapes are easy to use, accessible to all, and convenient to carry with you. They come fully charged and ready to vape fresh from the box.

There may be other options, but there’s no better alternative than alt. Try something Nu today!

Cactus Distribution - Premium Vape Wholesale UAE

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