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We need to start somewhere

Making the switch is difficult for many, especially with the overwhelming amount of options out there. We’ve kept this in mind at Cactus, and built a short, easy and digestible guide for new starters to find their way around vape!

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Start simple, enhance as you go.

The first step would be to find a device that works for you, and the simpler the better. To avoid confusion, aim for simple products that don’t require much maintenance and can keep up with your use.

Are you a heavy smoker? choose for an option with long battery life to avoid disappointments.

How do you inhale your smoke? From the different airflow styles, ask yourself if you prefer longer puffs or something that resembles the pull of a cigarette.

The Juice can be your favourite flavour ever! Something you find yourself enjoying.

Before delving into the many e-liquid options you have, think of a flavour you want to carry around with you. A nostalgic scent or maybe something you enjoy having regularly. At this stage we want to keep away from surprises. 

Next, we choose which e-liquid type works best for us.

The nicotine strength: freebase or salt?

A distinctive factor that sounds like jargon for a first time vape user. As vape is a tool used by smokers to quit cigarettes, a slow and smooth transition is required. Therefore, e-liquids come in various strengths and types.

Want to quickly feel the nicotine hit? Salt nicotine is a solid option for you here! It is a recently developed formula that allows a quick release of nicotine into the blood stream.

Addicted to the pull? Freebase gives a strong sensation in the throat and produces a thicker smoke cloud. Nonetheless, nicotine release is slower and builds up gradually.

We offer e-lqiuids in two strengths :

20mg Salt Nicotine
3mg freebase

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A safe bet when vaping is to start with nicotine strengths similar to cigarettes and adapt as you go on. If you smoke recreationally, the lower the strength the better.

Want to learn more?

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Cactus Distribution - Premium Vape Wholesale UAE

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